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One week after Yahoo announced layoffs of 2,000, CEO Scott Thompson today articulated the seeds of a new vision for Yahoo along with a new streamlined org chart in a staff memo and company-wide meeting. Is there anybody who really believes that Yahoo! can be saved ? It looks like they are just trying to cut expenses and get it ready for sale

Marissa needs to listen to here heart and head and do what needs to be done but she also needs to take personal time to ensure she has a healthy and happy baby. She needs to hire a number 2 who can both have her back and shares her vision and passion to turn Yahoo around. I personally would love to see Yahoo rebound because Google needs more competition and portals needs to become better and offer more value.

from The Huffington Post

Corporate Governance and CEO Pay: The Cesspool at the Top

Huffington Post to begin program called Director Watch to expose the compensation of CEO's in relation to employee pay. (5711)

A consumer goes to a website for some new shoes and soon she notices that online ads for that website seem to be following her all over the Internet.  While retargeting is becoming more of an everyday tactic for marketers most consumers don’t like it.    According to a recent article in Fast Company “Consumers showed a clear aversion to their locations being tracked, physically or online, despite the fact that the practice is widespread.”

Making Corporate Social Responsibility Personal. This article talks about a program that make each employee socially responsible. The program is called PSR , personal social responsibility (8055)

This article discusses three steps to analyzing an organization’s stakeholders, using a simple tool, they have provided as a link. The steps include: 1 – identifying stakeholders, 2 – prioritizing stakeholders, and 3 – understanding stakeholders. A blank template is attached at the bottom of the article. (3761)