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from Abigail Thompson Photography

52/52 – Searching.

searching for her soulmate

@Kayla Manti So i think i just found out shared tattoo. because it's the celtic soulmate symbol pretty much. READ IT!!!!!

A Chinese tattoo for your SOULMATE? 心灵伴侣 (xīnlíng -soul[=heart+spirit], bànlǚ -mate/partner/companion). Although this term is now used in Chinese, it might be of recent import from western influence. More often used (though perhaps not as evocatively metaphysical as "soulmate") is 终身伴侣 (zhōngshēn -lifelong[=end+body (thus mortal), bànlǚ -mate/partner/companion). It's still a beautiful Chinese idea, which is also very dear and familiar to our western vows: partners "'till death do us part..."

Press On .. You Are "A Precious Brave Soul" !! Treat Yourself That Way ..

"I love you much, most beautiful darling. More than anyone on the earth and I like you better than everything in the sky."

from Bridal Musings Wedding Blog

Romantic, Pastel Hued, Beach Chic Wedding by Carla Ten Eyck

Love this bride's romantic, side-swept hairstyle & lace wedding dress. Beach Chic Wedding by Carla Ten Eyck Photography