b dapples

How I remember leaning back on their rumps just like this, and giving them a "good boy".or "good girl" :)

sometimes I just don't know what to say w/ a pic. doesn't a pic say it all sometimes?

sometimes hihi I just don't know what to say w/ a pic. doesn't a pic say it all sometimes?

A breath of fresh air. A loop in the reins, nicely rounded and well underneath himself. A big difference from rollkur "trained" horses.

Executing an effective and comfortable sitting trot is probably the most difficult challenge faced by amateur dressage riders. For most, it is hard to get your body in sync with the horse while sti.

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veronica-events: hannahandfay: The Horse at Hermès. Photo: Giampaolo Vimercati I have so much time for light brown tack omg Need a napkin for ma drool

recognition of accolades

I have noticed, without fail, these dressage and hunter/jumper riders praise their mounts after a performance.

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Copper over smooth muscle. Sweaty sparkle, casting off the sun's light. Snorting, indignant, fire-breathing dragon - tail high, hooves thundering across the pasture.

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The exhilaration of soaring over fences is something you never forget; a feeling you'll never want to forget. This is so true love it.

<3 black and white is just so beautiful to me...and so is this horse!

This is a cool picture. The angle is awesome, and I mean come on, who taught the horse to pose like that?

Equestrian: The fake idea that you love horses but use them for your entertainment. Leave the horses alone!!!!!

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

A creative twist on the traditional birthday cake. Kids will love eating their cake in a cone instead of on a plate!