Darling pincushion made from an Altoids tin and felted sweater wool. Could make into a sewing kit or use to hold a gift card to JoAnn's.

June Pincushions

Sewing kits put into decorated Altoids tins! (I want one!)

Tea to go in an altoids tin

cute little sewing kit made from Altoids tin

Mouse pincushion

Stamp Camp Altoids Tins | Keep in your purse and use as a sewing kit or first aid kit, or there are so many other ideas you could use it for... like holding gum or mints, or a little tablet and pen for times when you need to jot down a phone number. What about your lipstick and a small mirror? Or if you prefer your own kind of tea bag and/or sugar packets at restaurants, you could keep them handy in this darling little case!

Altoids Gift Tins

How to...Make a unique Felted Pincushion

MOLDE DE ESTOJO DE COSTURA - Moldes Moda por Medida pattern for sewing kit bag #pattern


wool hearts made from old sweaters


Altoids Pin Cushion Tin

cute bucket pincushion

Cross stitch pincushion

Christmas in an Altoids tin.


Necklace Box Pin Cushion by Stacy of Freshly Handmade ~ she brings you this great pin cushion tutorial that is not only easy, but super functional. She wanted to create a pin cushion that would also carry the essential notions needed for when she is hand-sewing quilt binding, etc. Love this recycling idea!

sewing humor #pincushion