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Explore Freezing Mountains, People Finding, and more!

Episode 10 - For all the homeless people. Finding a place to sleep had been quite easy so far on our trip, but now, as we were in the freezing mountains, with the threath of rain from the sky, and rumors of wild animals, we struggled to find a safe place to spend the night. This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to all the homeless people.

Episode 12 - For the Orphants. In this episode of Walk of Causes we enter the majestic Chouf region of the Lebanese mountains. This is the land of the Druze of Lebanon, a mystical religion that believe in reincarnation. There are no more than one million Druze in the world today. Two hundred and fifty thousand of these live in the Chouf, so we were really excited to meet these people. This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to all the orphans in the world, and is supported by Acea.

Episode 11 - For the Rights of domestic workers. This episode is Supported by Arts & Crafts Bogstadveien. We have been treated very well in Lebanon, but we are aware that to many of the foreigners here and around the world, are not. Specially the domestic workers. Therefor we decided to walk for their rights in this episode.

Episode 4 - From having been lost in the lebanese mountains to have learnt the local body language, we started to feel real comfortable walking across this country. And when you are traveling by foot, you constantly find yourself in the situation where you have to trust strangers. This is usually part of the beauty when you travel like this, but sometimes it can go wrong...

Episode 5 - For all the Nomads. Today it's estimated to be around 30-40 million nomads left in the world. In Lebanon there are between 100-150.000 Bedouins. Most of these live in the Bekaa valley, where they work the fields. Since they usually don't have any papers, they also fall out of the health care system. This episode of Walk of Causes is dedicated to them, and is supported by Neo Galleri in Stavanger, Norway.

Episode 13 - For the recognition of the Armenian genocide. Now that we've been on the road for quite a while, Matias' body is finally about to give in. We expected more problems actually, as none of us have ever walked across a country before, nor exorcized. But the pain seemed to have been accumulating, and now it reached a point where we were forced to find a solution to the problem. And the solution was to sit down and rest while firing guns.

Episode 3 - For all the refugees. After having spent a whole day trying to pronounce Arabic, we understood that we probably had to find another way to communicate with the local people. A big smile on your face can usually bring you quite far, and body language can be pretty universal. Apparenty, Jørgen believes that he can translate from Arabic to English by reading face expressions! And sometimes that's all you need to make a new FaceBook friend from the mountains of Lebanon

Episode 6 - Against Landmines. We have now reached the magestic Qadisha valley, that carves its way through the mountains in the North of Lebanon. We passed popular attractions, such as the Cedars, Ehden and the village of Bcharre. But we had to keep our minds clear and not let ourselves being taken away by this beauty, as we were reaching soil infested with land mines. This is episode 6 / 14 of Walk of Causes, where Matias & Jørgen walks across Lebanon - for a new cause every day.

Such a great walk in #Barouk المشي عالتلج رائع بالباروك By Mike Kobi #Lebanon #WeAreLebanon