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    I learned some German in high school, but haven't used it since Junior year. Want to re-learn it and at least be conversational in it.

    I'm getting close with Spanish, but my dream language (people can have those, right?) is Italian.

    I really need to do this for work. The only words a know are bad ones and dolor or Hola. HAHA!

    I have always had a fascinating interest in how braille is learned. I imagine It would be difficult if you had problems with numbness in your fingertips at times like I do. But im still going to try it anyways.

    things to do before I die pictures with captions | the little firefly: 30 Things To Do Before I Die: Nihongo (01.08.12)

    I have taken 4 semesters of it, but I need to immerse myself in the culture to become fluent! Someday :)

    Does sarcasm and profanity count? Because then I would be fluent in 3 languages. English, sarcasm and profanity.

    ive always wanted to learn russian. even if i cant be fluent, id like to be able to carry a conversation.

    FRENCH FOREVER 8x10 on A4 typography print in by theloveshop, $20.00

    Took 4 years of Spanish in high school. I remember some of it but not all. That should count for something lol

    Mijn nieuwste doel: Om een buitenlandse taal te leren. Bij voorkeur de beginselen van Spaans. En anders om mijn Engels naar een hoger niveau te helpen.