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Oh Penelope Photography: Heaven Was Needing a Hero~this group of photos and music brought me to my knees and grabbing the tissue. I love when photos give you pause.

As a military wife, with my man and the father of my son away lots of the time, this photo tribute to military widows has brought me to tears.

Be still my must see these amazing images for a military moving By Oh Penelope Photography ohpenelopephotogr...

"Heaven Was Needing a Hero" A tribute to war widows... brings me to tears

If these photos touch you in any way please consider donating to the American Widow Project.

Regardless of the politics of war and peace, one must honor those who are willing to sacrifice ALL to protect others.

Oh Penelope Photography: Heaven Was Needing a Hero

A picture is worth a thousand words...

It would be nice if the republican congress would treat the veterans that go to war for us as well as they treat corporations that profit form the those very same wars.

Our true AMERICAN HEROS....our Military.... God Bless.....LOLO H

a re-enactment of the return from the Vietnam war - held in 2009 - this time they were cheered and given standing ovations, as they deserved!!