Boy Meets World

I think this was my favorite boy meets world moment

Boy Meets World wedding

Boy Meets World

Life's tough, get a helmet | 18 Things We Learned From “Boy Meets World” My favorite quote!!!

Girl Meets World

Eric Matthews Wants To Get Into Yale, Boy Meets - aka the brilliant Will Friedle with the excellent cast of Boy Meets World (Regularly left me in tears; both kinds)

Cory and Topanga

Boy Meets World

Feeny! Fa fa fa Feeny!

Cory and Topanga | Boy Meets World

boy meets world

We need shows on tv like this again!!! Boy Meets World...Cory and Topanga!!! <3

So true!

Boy Meets World. Cory & Topanga

Boy Meets World Halloween episode!!! one of my favs

Boy meets world

it's true. we always forget.

Boy Meets World!

Haha true friendship! Boy meets world.