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Why can't I help but talk in a funny voice when I read these? :) Love it!

This is the life...if you've been blessed with a have lived a good life.

My baby girl: Rylie Sweet doggies. Good little article except that I disagree with them "drooling a lot". They don't unless they just drank from their water bowl, they have been playing around and are hot, or they are begging for a piece of pork chop. Other than that, they don't drool anymore than any other dog. They have big jowls so I guess people assume.

Pets and Their Owners Growing Old Together. The Last One Almost Had Me In Tears... 34 -

This photo is amazing! ♡... re-pinned by ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone.

In a clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade and he carries the reminder of everyone who cut him down....paul simon

this looks like our dogs jowls every time we let the windows down.. and hilarious every time!

words escape me to try & describe the feelings of joy seeing your Boxer waiting like this at your window....

Our boxer loves to sit in a chair at the table or outside, he gets insulted if he doesn't get a seat lol