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from Six Sisters' Stuff

Root Beer Float Cookies

Six Sisters' Stuff: Root Beer Float Cookies. ------------------------ WE love ROOTBEERS, wil have to try ROOTBEER COOKIES-TD.

Tall Stick Ice Cubes with Embedded Flowers - what a lovely way to chill a drink!


Wine Slushies

wine slushies.

Perfect for parties or showers: frozen grape skewers. Put in drinks to keep them cold w/o watering drink down.

Graphic Recipe Guide for Fancy Drinks

7 kick-ass beer cocktails to try immediately


The Cocktail Olympics

I'm pretty confident I could win gold at the Cocktail Olympics. #wherewebelong

from Serious Eats

The Serious Eats Guide to Bourbon

After wading in barrels of the Scotch and Irish drams, it's time to turn our attention homeward, to that quintessential American spirit: good old bourbon whiskey. We'll look today at what makes bourbon unique, how it's made, and how it came to be.