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Striking my geek pose takes a lot of concentration. Ajani artis

Humans should learn from animals…love that they are blind to differences!

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives, with whom we share 99 percent of our DNA. We are more closely related to chimps than chimps are to gorillas. Humans didn't evolve "from" chimps. Rather both species evolved from separate ape like species. Those who coined the term "evolved from" chimps or monkeys, or those who still don't differenciate between apes and monkeys are highly misinformed.

The Greater kudu has a wide range of habitat, but human encroachment, loss of habitat, and hunting for its horns and meat has begun to diminish kudu numbers. Greater kudu are one of the tallest species of antelope, with adults standing at 90-110cm at the shoulder.

Curiosity by photofest2009 - Kathy Newton, via Flickr

This wouldn't be so cute if you saw a gorilla doing it. Funny how perspective changes with children, isn't it? Carol

Six month old chimpanzee with Mom. Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Kenya

ok, i don't normally like apes and monkeys but this guy is cute.

Awwww siblings loving each other..