What an amazing way to remember grandparents... okay just now cried, cause what I wouldn't give to do this picture with my granny Maude and Papaw Neal and my boys. I miss them so much.

4 generations


Generations... good idea to do with the grandparents

baby and daddy photography shot

O.M.G. <3

This looks like ecstasy to this little one, almost like praying, thank you for this beautiful water...words can't do this picture justice

Hand Family Photos!

Creative Ways To Take Picture With Your Family | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

Beautiful ~ remember to do this with the great grandmothers

baby on a shoulder

A great way to remember grandparents! brought tears to my eyes!!

Newborn picture with sibling. I'll be doing this with both of my nieces, the older one holding him and the younger one kissing his forehead!

Having baby #2 is a huge inspiration for myself and my partner! I would love to give my daughter a baby brother or sister one day

I need to remember this in the "future" ;) it's adorable

when we have kids i need to remember to do this

how to photograph your own children. I am so glad I read this!

Need to remember to do this!!

Easter Photo Op...@Katy Dyall this is a MUST!!

This is such a cute idea for a picture of a child with their newborn sibling

6 month photo shoot, to remember all of the baby-ness. so cute