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Just a guy holding up his own heart after a heart transplant. No big deal. Medicine is beautiful.

TUGGING ON MY HEARTSTRINGS: A great high resolution photo to show your students. This is the chordae tendenae. They are connected to the bottom of the hearts valves and help pull them closed.

Black and off-white. It's in the same great style of the city posters, but this time the map is of all the valves, atriums and whatnot that make up the human heart. We love anatomical models and prints, so this is right up our alley. Wouldn't one of these be a nice way to say 'I heart you'? We think so. Available at Ork Posters.

Heart vessel anatomy - The porcine heart (very similar to the human heart) stripped of fat and muscle, with just the veins exposed.

nursing :) I love and believe in you Hay Mel...say a prayer before ea nursing clinical and ea give them unconditional...nonjudgementand therapeautic your mother did before you.-KJM Oct 2014

Oh my goodness you guys, this darling poster from Ork Posters is just about the most darling thing ever

I would totally print this off and frame it. Instant art. 😍

Heart attack triggers everyone should be aware of. You are not immune to these no matter how healthy you think you are.