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An artery with red blood cells.

Conducto de Vida (Passage of Life) Artery with red blood cells Courtesy of Laura Tormo Cifuentes, Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales-CSIC Taken on an FEI Inspect S

SEM of sperm on egg during fertilization

D0386: SEM of sperm on egg during fertilization

In case you ever wondered what fertilization looks like up close: Colored Scanning Electron Micrograph (SEM) of sperm clustered on the surface of a human egg during fertilization

We're all too familiar with the word "Enzyme" & know that they are very important for our bodies to function properly. But do we really know what they are & what they do? Well, enzymes are the proteins responsible for controlling the speed of chemical reactions in your body. Without them these reactions would happen so slowly that you won't remain alive. Enzymes also act as messengers between cells & help them communicate instructions to each other. This communication is responsible for…

Fibrin is a protein created by the body that works with platelets in the blood to clot a wound. As they reach the wound site, they attach themselves to fibers, and create a mesh with platelets.

Macrófago (de azul), comiéndose a las bacterias (de rosado).

“The bacteria appear pink. The macrophage (appearing blue) is stretching out and engulfing (eating) them”

The Amazing Human Body (click for more pictures)

The Wars Within

funny-immune-system-blood-cells-defense So it needs taken away _ not quick enough Body response - it hijacks cells - oozes out spill ON it moves like a MOULD mouth , Teeth .


(I'm a nerd) Cell biology-Cross section of a human testis tubule filled with sperm. SEM **On Page Credit Required**

Blood on a Needle - my closet phlebotomist will never die!

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Blood on gauze, magnified

Blood on gauze

Blood clot on gauze dressing fibres Partially dried red blood cells clotted on the cotton fibres of a gauze wound dressing. Imaged at low vacuum to avoid charging of cotton fibres. Electron Microscopy -- So cool!