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For Luigi, Myrddin and the black lab who showed up at my door with a tomato frame around his middle.

I hate being Bipolar. It's awesome!

Ah! This is great...Starbucks and dachshunds...nothing better!

Day 27: Chatted with my best friend, Emily Gneiser tonight. Doing so always puts a smile on my face! (The wiener dog represents her only because she really wants one.)

Now where did that squirrel go?

. ♥♥♥ dachshund dachshunds weenier weeniers weenie w eenies hot dog hotdogs doxie doxies ♥♥♥

Wirehaired Wire Haired Dachshund Doxie #Puppy #dog

I am constantly doing this to Pettie and Maggie gotta love a dachshund ..but I LOVE them SO MUCH!!!!

The main job of a dachshund owner? Restoring the ears to factory settings.