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  • Allison Sherman

    Plant ideas for a chocolate garden? (slideshow) Chocolate Cosmos, Chocolate Flower, Chocolat Sunflower, Chocolate Ruffles Coralbells, and Chocolate Mint... this would be FUN to do!

  • Soledad Rogahn

    Chocolate Cosmos Smell just like chocolate---I have #Beautiful Flowers|

  • Shirley Binkley

    Chocolate Cosmos Flowers Garden Love

  • Joy Bokuniewicz

    brown flowers

  • Barbara Kline-Wade

    Cosmos atrosanguineus - Chocolate Cosmos, #5 most rare flower on the planet

  • Dana Lauren

    Love dark flowers

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Building Container Combos- Garden Design Magazine by Nick McCullough

Monstera Obliqua “Swiss Cheese Vine” easy to grow in bright indirect light and good soil. Can be allowed to trail like this, or grown up on a post or trellis. Leaves get bigger as it ages.

hyacinth bean vine...grows so fast and is so showy/FRAGRANT-Will help to lure Butterflies and Hummingbirds to your habitat. Plant with Moonflower Vine which is also fragrant! May grow up to 20 Ft. high.


Wonderful shade garden

Hellebores :: they're beautiful, refined, long-lasting, frost-resistant and low-maintenance. They're eager to bloom, sometimes appearing when the snow's still on the ground. They come back every year, thrive in the shade and deer hate them. What's not to love?

Oxalis obtusa 'Peach and Cream'

flowersgardenlove: Angel Trumpet Flower Beautiful gorgeous pretty flowers

Hellebores (Onyx Odyssey)

New Shade-Loving Perennial Variety for 2013 - 'Circus' Coralbells or Heuchera... In the spring, it has peach-color leaves with deep red veins. In summer, the red veins remain but leaves slowly turn chartreuse with highlights of silver, shooting up reddish-purple stems bearing small, bright pink bell-shape flowers. Grow in shade or part shade in well-drained soil - For Zones 4-9. Grows 14"T & W - Good with Hostas. [via]

Heuchera Peppermint Spice (Coral Bells)

Two favorites: John Waters and Matthew Gray Gubler

Madame Julia Correvon / clematis good for Texas

Duchess of Albany clematis / grows well in hot weather

Sum and Substance - 2004 Hosta of the year

Astilboides tabularis

Blue hosta in matching blue pot & urn in shady spot with ferns, gravel and scattered stones

Aquilegia viridiflora 'Chocolate Soldier'

Hen and chicks succulent planter

milktree: Luka Knezevic - Strika

MAKE - How to steal and propagate succulents - Three Thousand :-)

Described by one SSE member as “the ugliest, most delicious tomato I’ve ever grown.”

'Red Coral' coleus is one of many in the Under the Sea Series that boasts fanciful reef-like foliage. | Photo: Matthew Benson |

Helleborus Winter Thrillers™ Grape Galaxy

11 best terrarium plants.