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Politifact Lies About Paul Ryan and the Janesville GM Plant --> CLICK to read & 'repin'!

Fact Checking Sally Kohn --> CLICK to read for yourself & 'repin'!

Madison Rising Nearing Completion of 50,000 Dollar Kickstarter Project! CLICK to read & 'repin'!

CainTV Joins Battle Against Media Bias --> 'CLICK' to read & 'REPIN' to share!

Th U.N. and President Barack Obama's plan to wheel a Trojan Horse "Arms Trade Treaty" into the U.S. and trample your RIGHT to own a firearm. WE MUST STOP THIS!

Remember Brian Terry- Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry 1970 - 2010 A True American Hero---Killed by Obama and Holder's gunrunning scheme. Please never for get Terry or Fast & Furious

What do YOU think? Occupy 'Welcoming Committee' Promises Violence at RNC!!

Chris Matthews Ecstatic Hurricane Sandy Devastation Helped Obama