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    Nerd Girl Problems

    • Jun Roku

      Nerd Girl Problem #90 - Incidental memory makes you look like a stalker ("You love maple syrup? 3 years ago, you said your favorite flavor pancake syrup was boysenberry, is maple your new favorite? This could be important because the anniversary of your cast being taken off after the time you tripped on a frog and broke your toe is coming up and this may prove relevant." Why, JUST WHY?!)

    • Kaylyn Cook

      Nerd Girl Problem #90 When your incidental memory makes you look like a stalker Happens to me all the time! "Oh! i remember you because we were in the elevator together and you got off on the 3rd floor, and i see you go into your math class every tuesday and thursday!!! That is SO ME lol

    • Annie Ellison

      Nerd Girl Problems. I've never considered myself a "nerd" but man I can relate to this! I remember most birthdays of people I grew up with.

    • Jessica Hocking

      I don't know why this is a "nerd girl problem," but its something I deal with every day of my life.

    • Alicia Norris

      Nerd Girl Problem #90 - Incidental memory makes you look like a stalker

    • Chelsea Poodry

      Nerd Girl Problems, except at work it's "good service" haha

    • Kasey Kilger

      Nerd Girl Problem #90 - yea...

    • Emelly Salguero

      Such an awkward moment...

    • Jenny Banegas

      Nerd Girl Problems. Haha.

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    Always doing this at work!!

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    nerd girl problems

    Nerd Girl Problems

    This happens to me ALL THE TIME!

    I've done this on my kindle. Didn't realise any one else was even in the room with me. Nerd Girl Problems

    Truth. And then this one time I pulled out another right after they took the first one. Bad kid. lol

    True story. They think I talk to much.