Saint Bernewfie - Saint Bernard/Newfoundland mix. In love; so excited to get one!

My little baby Saint Bernard/Newfoundland mix!

Saint Bernewfie (Saint Bernard X Newfoundland)

Saint Bernard puppy

Newfoundland / Saint Bernard Mix - OMG - so cute!

Saint bernard puppy

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard Dogs

Saint Bernard Puppy & Newfoundland

Saint Bernard ♥

saint bernard puppy!!!! They r the best!

pug hugging a saint bernard

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Saint Bernard Puppies

Saint Bernard. Sososoo cute

Cute Saint Bernard pups... P.s. I. Want. Them. All.

Saint Bernard- the CUTEST puppies!!!

CUTE! Saint Pyrenees, Saint Bernard Great Pyrenees Hybrid.

Lately I've been considering getting a Saint Bernard once I'm settled somewhere

My soon to be pupp! Mix between a Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, and a Bernese Mountain Dog > 130-170 lbs !! <3 Dallas :-*