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St. Bernards ♥ My parents have raised them for forever, only wish I could convince the hubby that we need one!

Newfoundland / Saint Bernard Mix - OMG - so cute! I suspect there is a lot of drool involved.

Blitzen is an adorable, fluffy mix between a Newfoundland and a Saint Bernard (sometimes called a "Saint Bernewfie"). His dad was 180 pounds and at 9 weeks old Blitzen already weighs in at 25 pounds! He will definitely embrace the gentle giant title. He is a goofy, mellow guy that loves sleeping, untying shoes, and making new friends.

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Saint Bernard Puppy Dog / St. Bernard Mastiff

St. Bernard Puppy. Too Cute! Probably is as big as my Queensland! Lol

Saint Bernard Dogs puppy love I either want a big dog or a very small dog but truth be told if love them all :)

Please say hi to our saint Bernard pup, Barkley

aww dog ♥ pug and saint bernard ♥

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