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    The golden ratio

    beautifully simple design

    fibonacci tattoo

    the golden ratio

    lotr inspired design

    yeah. i actually wanted you to tattoo a square and some parallel lines on my arm...can you do that? uh...yeah sure

    Golden mean spiral.Tattoo by Matt Matik from 2Spirit tattoo shop

    shoulder, chest design

    Golden Ratio Apple Logo. this is why math + art = awesome

    tattoo by Corey Divine if you love sacred geometry, check out his website and see all the rad photos!

    tattone instead of pantone. never wanted tattoos before but i wouldn't mind trying something like this that's temporary, design-y and geeky :D

    Golden Mean Temporary Tattoo ... This is amazing Ratio 1:1.618... That describes the perfect balance and this can be found in, Nature, Beautiful Art ... It is amazing Math that I had no idea it existed. Wow wow wow


    Greek lowercase letter "phi" as the symbol for the golden ratio.

    fine lines + geo tattoo.




    charley harper.