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aahhh!!  beware of that monstrous, huge, vicious.. tongue. =)

PIT BULLS, beware of that monstrous, huge, vicious. =) Blame the owner, not the dog.


I love pit bulls, and I think any dog can be as "dangerous" (not really) as they are if treated badly.

the day in the life of a pitbull...I love my puppppaaaaaayyyyyyssss!

I know this is how my pit bulls spend the day and getting what ever they want. they have a really hard life ill tell you. Being spoiled is a pretty hard job

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Councilman's Personal Experience With Puppy Mills Inspires New Anti-Mill Measure

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get to know a pit bull, you won't be disappointed....Some of the most loving loyal dogs i have encountered

Get to know a Real Pit Bull by Italian-Pitbull


You Should see his Heart Big Heart ♥♥♥♥♥ love this and so true of the pit bull breed


Pitbulls are the most misunderstood breed there is. I've had pitbulls all of my adult life and I am here to educate the ignorant and hopefully.

#Pitbulls there is the sweetest Pit that I have ever met that lives across the street from me. These dogs are not dangerous if you train them correctly and treat them right, they can be the best family dogs

There are some pit bulls that cant play together, check this xxl pit bulls playing together. if you want to have pit bulls that can play together train them and you will see the result.