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Pillow fight shoot!! Would be kinda cool for engagement OR wedding pictures. With the bride in her wedding dress and the groom in his tux. ♥

Terence Stephen McQueen & Ruby Neilam Arrastia y Salvador | Steve McQueen & Neile Adams.

Leo's hair was perfect. | A Tribute To Leonardo DiCaprio's Hair In The '90s

You asked about a photo I keep coming back to. This would be it. Just love it.

DEAR GOD: THIS IS JUST WRONG. To have to walk the Earth along side of her is just plain WRONG! ~Me

Pillow Fight! Waking up to fun on the weekend. Nothing like running for your life from a feathery attack to get you up and going when you are tempted to sleep in!

My aunt told me that I have Jennifer Aniston hair, quite the compliment seeing as she's a beauty! ♥

the best slumber parties have pillow fights!

jennifer aniston, say no more. Follow us at Love it, like it, pin it!!

"There are no regrets in life, just lessons." - Jennifer Aniston