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The Used - The Used

The Used self titled album - my all time favorite album to date.

The Used

my fave band and ex boyfriend, Bert =)

As I Lay Dying

This is by far the most passionate and heartfelt song I have ever heard and it will and always be my most favorite song until the day that I die.

The Used lyrics | Bulimic I will always adore these lyrics. They speak to my heart.

The Used lyrics

The Used/ These boys mean a lot to me.

The Used/ These boys mean a lot to me.

Mitch Lucker,Veil,Bands

The used

All time fave poster

the almost.

The Almost, let alone the lead singer Aaron Gillespie, is inexpressible. They have such a unique sound and put a twist on punk, using a great acoustic sound. If you've never listened to them, listen to the song "Say this Sooner".

the biggest influence on my entire life.

Always carry an axe

RUSH!  i remember some snot trying to tell me i wouldn't like them because they used words too big for me...i LOVE them...the words must have been too big for HER...

Rush is Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart