Flavored Water without adding sugar

Infused water

Infused Water Recipes

Make your own Coconut Water. Make a big batch for everyday or for parties! So good for you! via Nest of Posies

detox infused water recipes

strawberry lemonade recipe..one of my favorite drinks..definitely trying

DIY Beauty: Detox Water Recipe For Clear Skin - Vicky B. TV

Naturally Flavored Water

Flavored water

3-in-1 Flavor Infusion Pitcher Jug // make anything from iced tea to mojitos to regular water that's infused with lavender, fruit, or mint. The set includes a tea infuser and fruit infuser, as well as a cooling core #product_design

Grilled Pineapple with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. The healthiest, best-tasting dessert I’ve ever had. The flavors mix perfectly!

5 Ways to Make Water Taste Better (So You'll Drink More of It) I like the idea of puréed fruit frozen ice trays then put in water

50 awesome flavored water ideas

Detox water

Homemade Strawberry {and other fruit} Irish Cream Sodas

Aside from the awesome health benefits, these mason jar water concoctions look amazing!

Try #Infused Water?| I love our GREENS™ added with water!

Naturally Flavored Water Infused with Fruit and Herbs : Healthy Drink : Homemade Vitamin Water

Fresh Fruit Pops!

Refreshing melon...an uncommon fragrance note found in Aesthetic Content's Sereno Seas Luxury Scented Candles

Apple-Cinnamon Spa Water