Take me away.

California Coast


Brides: Glamorous Beach Wedding Lounge Area . So your guests don't melt under the hot sun, plan on an early-evening ceremony. (Bonus: The prettiest ocean views occur approximately 15 minutes before sunset.) Once the sun goes down, you'll need to provide some light%u2014set up rows of lanterns and candles on the beach so everyone can smoothly make their way to the reception.

✯ Perfection

The Bahamas. Take me away! Yep the water Is that blue

sunset on the beach

white island sunset Camiguin - The Island Born of Fire

Beach ... gifts from the sea ... starfish and shells


Shells at sunset in Marco Island, Florida Close to home

a perfect ending to a day on the beach

Beach Sunset

beach day

A windy morning


Ocean palms reflection

What you need on a beach.

beach picnic