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    This long-forgotten gem of a cleaning agent may be used with a little water or vinegar to lift even the most stubborn stains. Unattractive grout driving you batty? Mold and mildew stains got you reaching for the Prozac? Burner pans and casserole dishes giving you fits? Cream of Tartar is your new best friend.

    Store Onions, Garlic, and Shallots in a bag punched with holes... they will be as fresh and firm in three months as they were the day you purchased them!

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    50 great household hints- seriously the BEST tips I've ever read! #11. Burned a pot of rice? Just place a piece of white bread on top of the rice for 5-10 minutes to draw out the burned flavor. Be careful not to scrape the burned pieces off of the bottom of the pan when serving the rice. #17. To keep potatoes from budding in the bag, put an apple in with them.

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    Secret Plumber’s Trick to Unclog a Toilet! 1. to prevent overflow, close toilet flapper (turn off water, just to be sure) 2. add a couple cups of hot water and let sit for a few minutes, maybe it's flushable. If not: 3. add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or shampoo and let it sit then flush. If not: 4: PLUNGE away

    I like the grill cheese idea. Wonder if it works.

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    14 Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Cornstarch - good since I hardly use it but it comes in fairly large containers.