This stay at home dad, writes on post-it's and leaves them all over the house as reminders of what to do/not to do, while raising his son. I cannot stop laughing. - this is bad but true

Hahahaha. So true.

Having kids is a lot like living in a frat house. Everything's sticky and you're not quite sure why.


Teenager Post


I would be proud as well...


probably the greatest thing i've ever pinned.

Crying I'm laughing so hard!

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Post It Notes From A Stay At Home Dad - Imgur

LOVE this!

My house!


Haha so true

I cried I was laughing so hard! He does this perfect.

someone has en ex they must really hate to post this!!!!

He says "to-may-to," I say "to-mah-to" OK this needs posting in the break room at work....way to funny

Hahaha, so true

Haha! Go dad!