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Dress your man - Types Of Dress Shoes And Some Handy Tips To Buy And Care.

Types of Dress Shoes and some Handy Tips to Buy and Care. Choosing the right type of shoes can be tricky at times, just go with one to match your dress,occasion and of course your style.

Everything you need to know when it comes to men's dress shoe type and style with this ultimate shoe infographic from Ties.com.

Grey Kitten Heels

The Ultimate Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet Every Man Needs.If your going to talk men's shoes you need to know this.

~ PICTURE GRAPHS ~ 18 Ways to tie a necktie

Fashion infographic & data visualisation Here is a handy infographic that shows 18 ways to tie a necktie. Infographic Description 18 ways to tie a necktie!

Mau-sac/ trang-phuc / noi-gi / ve-bạn

Looking for Interview clothes> What your clothing color says about you. Or, if the company or organization has a color, fit that into your outfit.

The Top 10 Types of Dress Shirts to Own (via @Dappered)

The Top 10 Types of Dress Shirts to Own

how to wear a navy blue suit perfectly

57 Infographics that will make a Man Fashion Expert

A hat etiquette guide. Let's bring back the fashionable hat, ladies! (However, I take umbrage with one rule: ALWAYS remove your hat during the national anthem, no mater what type it is. Your gender does not excuse you from showing proper respect for our flag and customs.)

A hat etiquette guide. Remind the men in your life to show proper respect for our flag by removing his hat when our flag is presented in public.

So, according to this infographic, my personal favorite style of hat (flat cap) is 400+ year old style.

So, according to this infographic, my personal favorite style of hat for men (flat cap) is year old style.

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Attract 'The True Love' -The Best Kept Secret. What is fashion after all? Fashion s purpose is to trick the brain in making you feel the best and attracting the best in others.