love the idea of sewing cello bags closed with a note on the outside and goodies inside... maybe one for each day of the week, or to open when he's feeling different ways "open when you're feeling lonely." ... "open when you're having a great day." "open when you can't sleep" or whatever

Glassine + Washi tape

Gift bags with sewn hearts



stamp / use of herbs (not 100% sure about it, but it keeps catching my eye and would make the package smell amazing when opened)

cute packaging

Glassine bag with tag

cello bag & wheeled art for quick favors

See hundreds of favor ideas at #marthastewartweddings

gift wrap with Washi Tape banner

simple packaging

oh hello friend.

cute packaging idea

gift packaging


glassine envelopes

Doily stapled over the top of a craft bag

packaging - large kraft bags

use pretty fabric scraps

gift wrap