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    Yes, it really happens. When you're in labor, your doctor or nurse will tell you to stop pushing. Whhhaaat? Many moms don't know HOW to stop pushing, but here is a tip that works every single time!

    Medical Alphabet

    Here are 101 essential survival tips every new nurse must know:

    Pediatric vital signs "cheat sheet." Thanks Heather! :-)

    Grades of Pitting Edema. Pinning this for all the nurses I follow who's charting will say things like "Non pitting 2+"

    blood thinning and clot busting drugs

    Post Traumatic Call Light Syndrome.


    Nurse humor

    Heart block poem

    Funny Nurses Week Ecard: You can't fix stupid...but you can sedate it. Happy Nurses Week.

    Happy Nurse week!!!

    Bwaaahaaahaa. Happy Nurse Week!!

    Nurses have the best stories. A person can't just make this stuff up! Happy Nurses Week!

    So true!!! Lol!!

    Be nice to me... I may be your nurse someday!!!! Remember...catheters and needles come in sizes that I choose!!!!! kjborde

    Funny Ecards For Nurses | Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Nursing-a noble profession requiring a ...

    "Behind every stable, well-adjusted nurse is a patient waiting to change that before the shift is over." Julie Forrest Perrigo Magazine

    Funny Nurses Week Ecard: Oh, great. You just broke Nursing Unit Rule #1: Never say the 'Q' word aloud. Now we're totally screwed!

    When a doctor writes orders that are ridiculous. Nurse humor. Nursing funny. Registered Nurses. RN. Robert Downey Jr. Meme. Face meme.



    This one is for my Sis-n-law... who is a Labor & Delivery Nurse... I think she does it ALL!!