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Hope this is as good as it looks.

This is a wonderful recipe for oven-fried okra- just 70 calories for cup! I LOVE fried okra! Can't wait for okra to be in season!

Finally, the perfect oven fries I’ve been searching for.

wonder if this would work for sweet potato fries. - A "perfect" technique for baked oven fries. A pinner says: "Seriously perfect technique. Some of the best fries I've ever eaten. And they didn't come out of a deep-fryer! They came out of my oven!

Baked Green Tomatoes with Sriracha-Ranch Dipping Sauce

Oven-Fried Green Tomatoes with Sriracha-Ranch Dipping Sauce

Green fried tomatoes @ the Whistlestop Cafe / Fry with no oil using our graw crumbs! Oven-Fried Green Tomatoes with Sriracha-Ranch Dipping Sauce

Roasted Okra, this was fantastic!!!!! I roasted it at 425 for close to 30 minutes, since I used frozen okra, stirred it half way through and then sprinkled with more salt before serving, seriously could eat this like popcorn!  My husband loved it too, and he doesn't like okra.

Roasted Okra

Roasted Okra,roasted at 425 for close to 30 minutes (frozen okra) stirred half way through and then sprinkled with more salt before serving

Being a Southerner, fried okra is a big deal to me. I love it. I grew up eating it every summer when okra was in season (my great-grandmother, both grandmothers, and my mom all made/make a MEAN plate of fried okra). When we eat at Chicken Express (Mmmm….), I always, always order fried okra as …

Crunchy Baked Okra 1 bag frozen, cut okra (or fresh, if it’s in season) 2 tablespoons cornmeal 3 tablespoons panko breadcrumbs (if you don’t have panko, regular will work just fine) teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper teaspoon grated parmesan cheese 2 eggs

Okra Fritters - have to make some switches but easy to make GF

Okra Fritters

The Okra Recipe That Cill Change Your Mind

The Okra Recipe That Will Change Your Mind

Do you want to love okra, but fear it's slimy reputation? This okra recipe that will change your mind.I promise it's worth a try!

Cabbage roasted with olive oil and lemon!! :3

Another roasted cabbage recipe, with olive oil and lemon. Similar to Martha, but with lemon juice, yum

Twice Baked Potato Rounds; just 40 min in the oven with butter and seasonings and then melt the cheese and add the good toppings

Twice Baked Potato Rounds

Loaded Baked Potato Rounds: these were yummy! Kids loved them too. Basted on both sides w/butter as on the recipe, and used salt, pepper and garlic powder. Topped with cheese and Bacon pieces, dipped in a bit of sour cream.