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a Tarintino film---loved it because it was different from anything else I've seen--violent and brilliant at the same time.

TWISTER... "Cow. Another cow. I got to go Julie we got cows." "Food, foood, fooood!!!! No we are NOT inviting my aunts"

Great book, movie. We just love Jane Austen here! :)

There Will Be Blood (2007). Oh, how I love Daniel Day Lewis. - Sangue Negro

So I saw this. Not an easy movie to watch (well..Brad is) Beautifully made, beautiful scenes but not a happy ending

A strangely inconsistent tone throughout the movie kept this from being as good as I thought it would be. When comparing it to "similar" (moderate budget, mainstream indie) movies I would say it was better than "The Kids Are Alright" but not as good as "Up In the Air" or "Young Adult"

one of the best movies i went and saw with my brother we were laughing from start to finish and the story line was amazing and it is not like most zombie movies there are pretty big twist and turns