Tips for Traveling with your Photography Gear by @Rachel Durik via

7 Ways to Take Great Photos While Traveling … How to take great photos is question posed by pretty much anyone who has a camera for occasional use. For travelers, it is probably even …

Travel Photography Mistakes to Avoid - There are a number of classic travel photography mistakes listed in this article. My hope is to help you, and others, pop out of that normal travel photo groove and improve the quality of photos you deem worthy to show friends and the Internet at large.

Traveling alone!

Great tips.

So I'm looking out the window /And I'm drifting off to sleep / With my face pressed up against the pane / With the rhythm of my heart / And my sleepy girl's breathing / Is the rhythm / Of the southbound train

Photography tips

this girl is amazing!! I love her DIY projects, I have to try this out!!

tips for star photography

6 Ways to Use Your iPad for Your Photography Business

(don't) say cheese! - tips for getting natural smiles

Learn great photography posing tips and more from Jean Smith Photography via @iHeartFaces

Photography tips

article about posing mistakes-GREAT article on posing women! (If you're not a photog, great tips for how to pose yourself. Very helpful!)

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This will be us when we travel together! :) x