From "classroom collective".... Student "office" that contains writing process, editing checklist, punctuation, writing super sentences, & transitions.

Much easier way to keep track of who is where in the writing process!

transition words

"Said is Dead"...Encourage descriptive writing with these alternatives to "said".

8 whole class journals for the students to write in. Select 8 students each week to write in one of the journals. The next week, 8 different children will be selected to write, and so on. By the time were finished, each journal should have about 25 different entries written in them. Students will be able to read what their classmates have written as well.

Cute idea for writing.

Creating Readers and Writers

story map

The difference between revise and edit! I also tell my students that revision is something only the writer can do- it's all about the tone and voice of the story, what do they want in the story? Editing is a job anyone can do- it's all about the writing conventions that we all study.

Writing centre. Samples of what students can work on include: Letter writing List making Story writing Start a Topic book (a book all about topic of student's choice) Comic strips Card making... All materials available for students at one location.

Good idea! I put an absent folder on my absent student's desk. The students at their table will make sure they get all of the work we do that day put in their folder. I do check their folder at the end of the day and make sure there are not tests or activities that can only be done whole class. Then, when that student returns the next day, they put their folder in their backpack. The instructions to the parents are on the folder.

When students know what their learning target is they are better able to set goals and monitor their own progress. What if we combine this chart with an editing and revising anchor chart?

By fourth grade I really shouldn't see so many sentences like the first one... but sadly, I do.

Secondgradealicious: How About a Tug of War? Making Thinking Visible - an excellent resource for promoting engagement and higher order thinking skills!

Choose a travel brochure and write a letter persuading your parents to take you there.

Dossier pour les productions d'élèves

Writing Area Ideas

writing ideas

This website lets you type anything you want, then print it so your preschooler can practice writing.