Star Wars / Progressive humor

I like how the squirrel has a little Iron Man squirrel mask. Somebody needs to do the Hulk.

Best gif I have seen all day..

My brother laughed very hard....In fact hes not stopping.



ET and Star Wars

a little star wars humor

Bruce Lee to the rescue. He's the only one who has actually killed Chuck Norris in a karate movie.

Darth Dad Ok ok ok the Darth Vader dad is a common (aka played out) theme here in pinterland, but I think this one is really worth a look

When you see it.......Star Wars Humor

Shit just got real on the subway.

Repin this if you know what it means!

Bat Vader - Star Wars

This is how I felt watching the movie. How could he stand being called Annie?

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Star Wars

Very true...

Android smartphone?

Ha ha! :)

Too funny!