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Chaning Tatum ... Imagina acordar e olhar pra ele na porta da sua geladeira? Faz qualquer dieta valer a pena né gente? Encomende um imã personalizado hoje mesmo! mailto:lucianamen...

There is not a moment in life when Channing Tatum is not appropriate. And for the record I debated whether or not to post this on OH THAT LOOKS SO YUMMY too.

Chaning Tatum, Male fashion idol!! Love him so much! Can't wait to see all his movies coming out this year!

ACTOR~CHANING TATUM: Chaning Tatum its my favorite actor in the world. He is just so sexy and I'm not the only girl who said that. I love all movies he did. ♥

Okay, Channing Tatum is kiiiinda cute :)