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I think a primal role of a man in a relationship is to protect his woman. Armie Hammer

The delectable Armie Hammer - I'm going to resist making puns and double entendres with his surname.

Armie Hammer- not the glamorous sexy of most guy celebs these days, but he's sexy in his own way. love it!

Armie Hammer... co-starring with #HenryCavill in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. filming Sept 2013

Armie Hammer Frontrunner To Play Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire? -- OH PLEASE LET IT BE ARMIE!!! Click pin to read the little article. It's interesting that when they said Jen was the frontrunner to play Katniss, and she ended up getting the part. *fingers crossed!!* @Elizabeth Jeffers @Aimee Kummer

“I’ve never admitted this before — sometimes I carry a rope to practice knots. I have the Knot Guide app on my phone. I even have a list of my favorite knots to tie. Bowline to tow things with, clinch knot for fishing, constrictor knot to bind things. Highwayman’s hitch, San Diego jam knot…” -Armie Hammer in In Style Magazine. Just further proof of his uncanny Finnick-ness.

Armie Hammer IS Christian Grey. SEE!!! I'm not the only one who thinks he should play Christian Grey.

Such masculine features. I think I'm in love. Too bad I look like I'm 12 still.

channing tatum please stop being so damn sexy, you're making it harder for me to accept that i'll never marry you

Armie Hammer (I am quite sure Hugh Grant and Jason Mraz have VERY similar shots).

I don't care what anyone else says. Rupert Grint is the sexiest ginger I've ever seen.