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Kristen Wiig as the Target Lady


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, "Jersey Floor." These ladies never cease to crack me up!

SNL. Target Lady.

Saturday Night Live: Kristen Wiig on The Lawrence Welk Show #SNL

Such a funny episode!

Can't stop laughing!

One of my favorite quotes from the Office!

Target Lady Mug #NYLONshop

Kermit The Frog Memes are the Best! #LoveIt #WordsOfTruth #HowIFeel #FRFR #Lol #TooFunny #Hilarious #NoWayGirl

21 Drunk Personalities as Illustrated by Kristen Wiig.

one of my favorite scenes lol


i make that face at least 3 times a day. love that movie.

Single Ladies with Justin Timberlake- it's never not funny. I love this video!!!

The 10 Best SNL Crack-Ups

Kardashians awkward family shoot.

SNL Chris Farley Funny Quotes | Saturday Night Live #old school snl

SNL The Church Lady

Michael Scott, ladies and gentleman...