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Order of Operations Activity

Order of Operations game - This is a middle school post…but would work GREAT for third grade! Love the fact that it's done in groups!!

Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learningfrom Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning

Classroom Discussion: Professors Share Favorite Strategies for Engaging Students

Pass out two or three poker chips to every student. As we begin the discussion I ask each student to give me back a chip each time they answer a question. Rapidly the talking students use up their chips. Since they can no longer speak in the class it leaves the non-talking students to answer the remaining questions.

Venn Diagram (Double Bubble in my class ;) ) detailing the roles of the students, teachers, and both in class. This blog looks great....but just links to the TPT store. Annoying. Still has good pictures.

mathtastrophefrom mathtastrophe

Made 4 Math Monday #4

Zap Review Game...great because the "smartest" team may not win :)

Use the bracelets for assigning students into teams for class projects. Or if you want random team assignment, put the bracelets in a paper bag and have students close their eyes and pick one.

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copenhagen // black & white

Put a different colored dot on each desk in a group. When you need to have one student from each table do something, you can just simply say "Green dots, come get the papers for your table." or "Orange dots, take your table's trash to the trashcan."

use address labels, clipboard, and large index cards. Write your notes on the address labels as you walk around and observe. Later, stick them onto the childs index card. Quick and easy! Then, during parent/teacher conferences, just pull out the notecard and share your observations#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#