LOVE this!! The groom writes all the things he loves about the bride, and she write all the things she loves about him! Perfect for the guest book table! ... and I have a head start b/c I wrote a 52 reasons why I love you book :)

This website puts your words, favorite song lyrics, vows, ect into a picture. Neat

At the bottom of the cake, hide whatever the groom likes... sports mascot, band logo, anything. Because it's just as much his day as it is yours.

Nicholas Sparks - marriage | It's about making a commitment to another human being

Bride holding a mirror and her Bridesmaids in the mirror!! stealing the idea

instead of champagne, kids get cookies & milk. CUTE!

I want this said at my wedding.

for the loved ones that are gone

Text this to the groom on the wedding day! Sneak peak.

Cute Mother of the Bride gift!

map with where you met, got engaged and got marrie

so cute. all these things with a little love note for the groom on the day of the wedding as a gift from the bride :)

Perfect if you have kids attending your wedding. Put one of these on each of their plates with butcher paper on their table...genius! i think i will just have a whole table dedicated to kids

this is lovely.

Wedding guest book idea: wooden cute, use your first letter of new last name! Much better than a guest book cause you will never look at it again but this can hang on wall with you fav wedding day pics!

Hahahahaha I love this!

A puzzle as a wedding book!

Lovely quirky wedding photo!

Something Blue (Brides Maids Write On The Bottom Of The Brides Shoe)