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Day 23: Favorite Spin Off: Torchwood. Because the Earth still needs saving.

Oh yeah, Torchwood will be waiting...right up until the point when they all get killed off by their own hubris and a very certain immortal decides to rewrite their code of conduct and protect the man it was created to destroy. Then get themselves all killed off again only to make a pseudo-comeback when an ally suddenly becomes a permanent fixture. Real smooth, Torchwood, real smooth.

Torchwood season 3..Just the three of them now :( plus Rhys of course. R.I.P. Tosh and Owen

Torchwood j'aime jack alias face de beau

SFX199 Torchwood 2 by combomphotos, From the archives of the Timelords and Whovians

I miss how this show used to be... I just finished season 2. RIP Toshiko and Owen(again)

Death shouldn't have been an option for Owen, Tosh, and Ianto either! (Excuse me while I go burrow into a blanket and sit in the corner.)

The Showtime version of Torchwood pissed me off because they downplayed this relationship.

Torchwood...I liked how they kind of addressed Gwen and jack here.

A spinoff of Doctor Who. And who could resist Captain Jack Harkness on the left!