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  • Erin Nixon

    And the 10th Doctor. And Donna. . And 9th Doctor... :'(

  • Taylor-Margaret Edmond

    with all my heart <3

  • Latisha Sexton

    Absolutely. I mean, Martha made too many annoying mistakes and was way too needy, Donna was totally awesome (my second favorite companion), and then of course Capt. Jack was amazing, I love the Ponds (especially Rory), and I may be the only person in the world who dislikes River, but....Rose was by far the best

  • Jillian

    No one could beat her compassion. She absorbed the time vortex for crying out loud. She destroyed the Dalek Emperor. She threw the Devil out of a moving spacecraft. She showed mercy to a Dalek. Rose Tyler is pretty dang phenomenal.>>>>>So true! Definitely my favorite companion! :)

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He grabbed my hand and whispered "Run". He saved my life. He gave me life. I ran away with a man who showed me the universe

Sometimes I think she still dreams of him, but the dream fades before she can consciously recall him...

they both had to laugh, because they know that unknown, the monsters, the running is the best part. No chance is either of them going to give that up. No way they're just going to ignore whatever is going on here.

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The 10th Doctor, David Tennant, aka my beloved babydaddy, and Billie Piper as Rose. Dream lovers, best pairing ever.

adorable pictures of Ten and Rose

The Doctor + Rose Tyler <-- Oh, hey, look, it's my tagline!! :D Thank you, Mary-Jane Woody !

Omg I don't even watch this show but looks so sad ( my sis watches it so I know some things )

You could tell it was breaking his hearts to leave her...even if he was leaving her with himself.

Now I must print this.