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disc golf groom's cake

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Grooms custom unique fondant cake designs, ideas and pictures - World Wide Wedding Cake pictures

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It’s pie time! Get your little helpers to slice up banana, crush vanilla wafers and layer them on top of a cup of Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding. A perfect dollop of whipped cream makes this an irresistible, anytime treat that’s easy as pie. It’s also great with Snack Pack Naturals. Find the recipe & more pudding fun after the click.

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Ohthatcake: disc golf cake

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Do we need a separate board for cakes? Jeez!

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Disc golf #WANT !!--All the guys have one!! gals too!

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Disc golf cake!

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Disc Golf Basket By bethallan on

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Beautiful rossette cake in purple | Project by Ivenoven

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Good idea but I wonder... at 15 bucks per disc that's a lot of money in that machine and I suspect vandalism would be a big issue in the profitability of this venture. But, I do acknowledge the coolness of the concept...

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Disc golf cake, or mishap with a golf disc?

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