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I need to remember this for the reason of in life something will always go wrong but being positive can lead to it all going right.

Carpe Diemfrom Carpe Diem

Never give up on something you really want. It’s difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret.

Words to live by...

Baby Names Logfrom Baby Names Log

23 Baby Names That Make You Smile

No matter the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence.

Sometimes all you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

There *is* a lot wrong with the world we live in. The world tells us that we have to have someone to make us happy -- I say that happiness comes from within. The world would tell me that I am not beautiful because I'm not a size 0 and I don't exactly know how to wear makeup most days. I say that I am beautiful because I know who I am.

Absolutely! I used to worry so much about other people and their thoughts and their life. And I was only wasting time and hurting myself. I have come to realize that I am better than that and I don't have any reason to worry about other peoples lives. My time is too precious, I'm happy and I'm focusing on my life, and my life alone, with no worries at all.