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How To Do A Front Walkover

Front Walkover Tutorial

OMG OMG OMG. Love everything about this routine. Especially the dance sequins.

Gymnastics: How To Do A Tick Tock & Get Closer To Getting Your Front/Back Walkover With Coach Meggin

These stretches soooo improved my flexibility! It was worth watching! Gabi Butler is like a human pretzel if you ask me:)

so true


Cheer probs

One of the best stretches for needles and scorpions, I am going to do this stretch all the time.

cheer stunts that are extreme and totally amazing i so need to show this to my schools cheer coach and cheer squad!!!!!!!!!

Love this! New member Ed and VPM holding the frame with the new pledge class inside! Soo cute!

So it's a gymnast thing, .

Back Walkover Drills

@Hilary S Bouteille I feel like this might ring a bell... I think somewhere in my 6 years of cheerleading, you might have said this. lol.


formations - I keep looking for new pattern ideas for choreography

Gymnastics Meet Survival Kit---guess I better learn this now for Raevy

"Workouts are going to be easy tonight" they say..... "It's the last exercise" they say.... XD