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  • Tawnya Richards

    You had to open soda beer cans with and opener-I remember Dad drinking these

  • Cindi Wafstet

    You had to open soda & beer cans with a can opener, also known as a church key

  • Kaali Preston

    opening beverage cans with an opener... we called the can opener a 'church key'.... kp.

  • Janice LeBlanc

    You had to open beer cans with a can opener.

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Don't care for soda, but this is pretty cool

Here's the Church ~ by Kathryn Fincher ~ "Here's the church, here's the steeple, open the door, and there's all the people" :)

bottle opener... I have my Grandma's beside the sink, just where she had hers ;) silver with red Coke letters .

a collection on a "virtual" collection site -- interesting!

Retro Soda cans produced between 1930’s to 1970’s #vintage # Lisa had a collection of pop cans in the 70's :)

turquoise bottle opener--(on hot summer days, on road trips plunging your hand into ice cold water in metal coolers on the porches of gas stations and pulling a bottle of ice cold soda-maybe grape or black cherry- and thats how you opened the bottle..and it made such a great sound)

never opened right. I remember paying 5 cents I get one with my sack lunch. The days they had chocolate were the best.

I remember going to a place in Flint, MI called The Soda Pop Shoppe and getting to pick bottles of pop like this ... just put the flavors you liked in a slotted crate on a conveyor belt and then pay for them ... miss those ...

Forget about it Coke, or any other soda pop. I'd take a glass of Nestle's Quick over most any other drink any day of the week during my childhood, and usually did!

Red Bottle Opener - Bright Cast Iron - Vintage Inspired - Old Fashioned - Retro Feel - in Rustic Country Red 50's - Shabby Chic - Game Room. $8.50, via Etsy.

Antique Coke Machine 1950 's - I wasn't born until the 60s but these were still around then. You pulled a bottle out - no cans of soda back then.