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'Silent Hills P.T. - The Movie' Horror Short (Game)

GamebillStudio has edited the Silent Hills P.T. demo into a very scary horror short. This short clocks in at under 8 minutes but shows the meat of the horror game demo. It is meant to be a horror found footage film, check it out. If you played the Silent Hills demo when it came out, you would have wished to breeze through it in a shorter amount of time.Source: GamebillStudio

[NASA Hoax] 3-6 Day Sun Blackout Confirmed by NASA

A so-called annular solar eclipse will create a dazzling "ring of fire" sun for spectactors from China to Texas today (May when the moon blocks the sun as seen from Earth. The 3 solar eclipse begins late Sunday, Eastern Time.

Resident Evil Timeline Infographic and Playable Characters

About time someone (Halloween Costumes) created an updated infographic on the Resident Evil chronology/timeline with the added bonus of listing out the playable characters for each game. This is just in time for the release of the Resident Evil Revelations 2 mid season release of episode 2 on February 25, 2015. Episode 3 releases this upcoming March 4, 2015. This infographic brought back some great memories from the Resident Evil game franchise.