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Ever since the tablet market exploded, we've seen a wide range of designs find both success and failure. But most of the tablets on the market have something in common: they are primarily designed for adults or at least children old enough to be responsible for a fragile device.

Lenovo may be late to the activity tracker craze with its unannounced Smartband, but it could have an ace up its sleeve. | #smartband #wearables #activitytracker #fitness #health

Adafruit's iCufflinks pulsate with the power of your Mac love -- Engadget

Everyone loves the idea of strapping a smartwatch to their wrist and using it to get a bit healthier, but there's a fine line between casual wearables an

Picture the scene: you're throwing a house party with guests sipping at your expensive whiskey and a good time is being had by all. Suddenly,

Victorinox, the firm you can just about remember makes the Swiss Army knife when it comes up at pub trivia, is talking up its plans for a smartwatch. In a chat with Reuters, CEO Carl Elsener has revealed that the company will enter the wearable technology space at some point in 2016. This won't be just another Android Wear device, however, but a wearable that Elsener has described as "something approaching a smartwatch."

babes with bio-monitoring pajamas! It's not as far-fetched as it sounds. Exmovere's already introduced tech along those very lines and, now, the company has AT&T; as a partner to push its Exmobaby onesies forward. The transmitter-equipped pjs work by collecting critical data from sleeping tots -- like heart rate and temperature -- that can be sent as alerts to phones, tablets and even PCs running the appropriate software. There's no launch date announced for the washable scifi duds nor has pricing been set at this preliminary stage.

Shark Vac-Then-Steam is a lightweight, sleek and easy-to-use combination of a vacuum and steam mop that cleans floors easier, faster and better.