My favorite thing to do when I'm bored is google Basset Hounds running



Basset Hound puppy

Basset hound love #basset #love

Check out the full "clown car" in action: | These Basset Hounds Make Up The Cutest Clown Car

“Give a pretty lady a flower! But only if you know her, otherwise that’s a little creepy.” | 21 Life Lessons For Cool People Only

Huckleberry the Basset Hound

We have a few Basset Hound paintings, they are fab dogs! Print of an original illustration by FabFunky.

Image detail for -Basset hounds just may be my favorite dogs--and one would fit so well ...

Haha!! awwww

Am I forgiven ? Basset Hounds are adorable.

A bassett hound puppy ! Awwwww!


Basset Hound running

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basset hound