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  • Jacinta considine

    heartbreaking to see this: homeless person in a wealthy country (usa) abandoned by his fellow man, accepted and loved by his loyal best friend, his dog. What do animals get that humans seem to miss?! Love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 19:19

  • Jessica Grimes

    true love :) so sweet and touching if more ppl had the love of this man for everyone the world would be a very peaceful place

  • Katie Donovan

    Togetherness ~ This makes my heart melt!!!! Dogs are mans best friend and family!!!!

  • Marcy

    I cried because of this. Its so sweet that this man is giving this dog all he has. So sweet! :)

  • Bobbi Anthony

    Sometimes all you need is someone who will show you unconditional love no matter what, and sometimes for some people, that means their pet. This photo doesn't really need any words to express the love that you can see between this man and his dog. May God bless them both!

  • Lisa Burnham

    #dog #pet #bestfriend #loyalty #purelove #pitbull

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A true friend... My lab always has to be touching us. She wants to just have her paw on our arm or leg always!! I see this image every day and I just love her so!

Makes me feel like George Bailey... love dogs.

Friends will also have to overlook the rusty gate, the weeds and leaking pipe - but what a beautiful garden I am!

I love dogs. My 5 lb Yorkie is the head dog in our house. We also have a 100 lb yellow lab-_-

Hey! What are you doing there? Omg!!! I want this I need this dog!!! I just hope I don't crush it when I am cuddling it!!! He's so tiny and cute!!!